Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

Advanced algorithm for solving a ransportation problem with five indicators and fixed cost

Benoumelaz Farouk
University Batna.
Abed Samira
University Batna.
Khelil Nacer
University Biskra.
Rebiai Belgacem
University Tebassa.
Kamal Houam
University Tebassa.

\(^{1}\)Corresponding Author:


In this paper, we studied an advanced algorithm for obtaining the best solution to a transportation problem a fixed-charge with five indicators (AATPI5FC) , the procedure itself is very quick; the proposed method solves FCTPI5 by analyze the problem into partial subsections, solution algorithm is coupling between our technique and simplex algorithm (the technique on the fifth index to guarantee improved service), which is novel and can be useful to researchers solved these problems, the advantages of the proposed advanced algorithm are discussed on the existing methods in the context of the application model, the results showed that the proposed advanced algorithm is simple ,accurate and more computational methods found in literature.


Transportation model, multi-index, fixed cost, operation research, coupling, simulation.