Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

\(G_p\)-Finiteness of tensor product

M.S. Balasubramani
Deptartment of Mathematics, University of Calicut, Kerala – 673 635.
K. T. Ravindran
PG Department and Research Centre in Mathematics, Payyanur College, Payyanur, Kerala – 670 307.

\(^{1}\)Corresponding Author:


In this paper we introduce \(G_P\) finiteness of a Von-Neumann algebra and we define a G-dimension function. Then we prove a result on tensor product of fixed point algebra under group of automorphisms and finally verify a result under which the tensor product is \(G_P\) finite.


Von Neumann algebra M, the fixed point algebra under groups of automorphisms \(M^{G}\), G- central support, ultra weak continuous.