Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

Isomorphism Theorems in Generalized d−algebras

Muhammad Anwar Chaudhry \(^a\), Muhammad Imran Qureshi \(^b\), Asfand Fahad\(^{c,*}\), Muhammad Sajjad Bashir\(^a\)
\(^a\)Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Institute of Southern Punjab, Multan, Pakistan.
\(^b\)Department of Mathematics, COMSATS University Islamabad, Vehari Campus, Vehari, Pakistan.
\(^c\)Center for Advanced Studies in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan.

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We introduce the generalized d-algebras, generalized d-ideals (d∗-ideals, d#-ideals, d$-ideals) and other related notions. We also prove some properties about d-ideal, d#-ideal and results related to quotient generalized d-algebra. Through these constructions, we prove the first, second and the third isomorphism theorems for the generalized d-algebras. These developments contribute to the theory of the BCI/BCK/BCH and the generalized BCH-algebras.


Generalized d-algebras, Isomorphism theorems, BCH-algebras, d#-ideals.