Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

A ninth-order iterative method for nonlinear equations along with polynomiography

Waqas Nazeer
Division of Science and Technology, University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan.
Abdul Rauf Nizami
Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GC University, Lahore-Pakistan.
Muhammad Tanveer
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Lahore, Lahore-Pakistan.
Irum Sarfraz
Department of Mathematics, Lahore Leads University, Lahore, Pakistan.

\(^{1}\)Corresponding Author:


In this paper, we suggest a new ninth order predictor-corrector iterative method to solve nonlinear equations. It is also shown that this new iterative method has convergence of order nine and has efficiency index 1.7321. Moreover, some examples are given to check its validity and efficiency. Finally, we present polynomiographs for some complex polynomials via our new method.


Nonlinear equation, iterative method, polynomiography.