Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

An Introduction to Soft Hypergraphs

Bobin George\(^{a,*}\), Jinta Jose\(^b\), Rajesh K. Thumbakara\(^c\)

\(^a\)Department of Mathematics, Pavanatma College Murickassery, India.

\(^b\)Department of Science and Humanities, Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology Vazhakulam, India.

\(^c\)Department of Mathematics, Mar Athanasius College (Autonomous) Kothamangalam, India.


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This is an introductory paper on Soft Hypergraph. In 1999, D. Molodtsov initiated the concept of soft set theory. This is an approach for modeling vagueness and uncertainty. The concept of soft graphs introduced by Rajesh K. Thumbakara and Bobin George is used to provide a parameterized point of view for graphs. Theory of soft graphs is a fast developing area in graph theory due to its capability to deal with the parameterization tool. Hypergraph is a generalization of graph. In this paper we introduce the concept of soft hypergraph by applying the idea of soft set in hypergraph. By means of parameterization, soft hypergraph produces a series of descriptions of a relation described using a hypergraph.


Soft Set, Soft Graph, Soft Hypergraph.