Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

On a third-order fuzzy difference equation

Ibrahim Yalcinkaya\(^{a,*}\), Nur Atak\(^b\), Durhasan Turgut Tollu\(^a\)
\(^a\)University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Konya, Turkey.
\(^b\)Sarayonu Multi-Program Anatolian High School, Konya, Turkey.
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In this paper, we investigate the qualitative behavior of the fuzzy
difference equation
where \(n\in \mathbb{N}_{0}=\mathbb{N}\cup \left\{ 0\right\}\), \((z_{n})\) is a sequence of positive fuzzy numbers, \(C\) and initial conditions \(z_{-2},z_{-1},z_{0}\) are positive fuzzy numbers.


Fuzzy difference equations, Existence of solutions, Boundedness, Convergence.