Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

Some Integral Inequalities in the Framework of Conformable Fractional Integral.

Sikander Mehmood \(^{a,*}\), Mariam Shahzad \(^b\), Kiran Batool \(^b\), Nawal Fatima \(^b\), Juan E. N´apoles Vald\(^´\)es \(^c\)

\(^a\) Govt. Graduate College Sahiwal, Pakistan.
\(^b\) Barani Institute of Sciences, Sahiwal, Pakistan.
\(^c\) UNNE, FaCENA, Ave. Libertad 5450, Corrientes 3400, Argentina.

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In this paper, we use new definition of left and right conformable fractional integral to obtain some new inequalities. The results obtained are refinements of existing results.


Integral inequalities, Generalized conformable fractional integral, Fractional derivatives.