Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

On edge irregularity strength of certain families of snake graph

Muhammad Faisal Nadeem\(^a\), Murat Cancan \(^b\), Muhammad Imran\(^{c,*}\),Yasir Ali \(^d\)

\(^a\)Department of Mathematics, Comsats University Islamabad, Lahore Campus, Pakistan.

\(^b\)Faculty of Education, Yuzuncu Yil University, van, Turkey.

\(^c\)Department of Mathematics, Concordia College Kasur Campus, Pakistan.

\(^d\)Department of Mathematics, Concordia College Kasur Campus, Pakistan.


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Edge irregular mapping or vertex mapping β : V (U) → {1, 2, 3, …, s} is a mapping of vertices in such a way that all edges have distinct weights. We evaluate weight of any edge by using equation wtβ(cd) = β(c)+β(d), ∀c, d ∈ V (U) and cd ∈ E(U). Edge irregularity strength denoted by es(U) is a minimum positive integer used to label vertices to form edge irregular labeling. The aim of this paper is to determine the exact value of edge irregularity strength of different families of snake graph.


Edge irregularity strength, irregular assignment, irregularity strength, pendant edge, snakegraphs