Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

Approximation of Fixed Point of Multivalued Mean Nonexpansive Mappings in CAT(0) spaces

Mujahid Abbas\(^a\), Khushdil Ahmad\(^{a,*}\), Khurram Shabbir\(^a\)

\(^a\)Department of Mathematics, Government College University, Katchery Road 54000, Lahore Pakistan.


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The aim of this paper is to present the convergence results to approximate the fixed points of multivalued mean nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spaces. Strong and ∆-convergence results are established for these mappings using F-iterative scheme. Moreover, a numerical example is given to show the convergence behavior of the iterative scheme for multivalued mean nonexpansive mappings. The results which we derived are generalization of many results existing in literature.


Multivalued mean nonexpansive mapping, F-Iteration, CAT(0) Space.