Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics

Common fixed point theorems for two mappings in \(D^\)-metric spaces

Shaban Sedghi
Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University-Ghaemshahr Branch, Ghaemshahr P.O.Box 163, Iran.
Nabi Shobe
Department of Mathematics, Islamic Azad University-Babol Branch, Iran.
Shahram Sedghi
Department of Mechanical Engineering,Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran 16844, Iran.

\(^{1}\)Corresponding Author:


In this paper, we give some new definitions of \(D^∗\)-metric spaces and we prove a common fixed point theorem for two mappings under the condition of weakly compatible mappings in complete \(D^∗\)-metric spaces. We get some improved versions of several fixed point theorems in complete \(D^∗)-metric spaces.


\(D^∗\)-metric contractive mapping, complete \(D^∗\)-metric space, common fixed point theorem.