On algebraic aspects of SSC associated to the subdivided prism graph

JPRM-Vol. 17 (2021), Issue 1, pp. 7 – 20 Open Access Full-Text PDF
Mehwish Javed, Agha Kashif, Muhammad Javaid
Abstract: In this article, some important combinatorial and algebraic properties of spanning simplicial complex associated to the subdivided prism graph \(P(n,m)\) are presented. The \({f}-\)vector of the spanning simplicial complex \(\Delta_s(P(n,m))\) and the Hilbert series for the face ring \(K\big[\Delta_s(P(n,m))\big]\) are computed. Further, the associated primes of the facet ideal \(I_{\mathcal{F}}(\Delta_s(P(n,m)))\) are determined. Finally, the Cohen-Macaulay characterization of the SR-ring of \(\Delta_s(P(n,m))\) is discussed.
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Quantum Painlev´e II solution with approximated analytic solution in form of nearly Yukawa potential

JPRM-Vol. 17 (2021), Issue 1, pp. 1 – 6 Open Access Full-Text PDF
Irfan Mahmood
Abstract: In this article it has been shown that one dimensional non-stationary Schrodinger equation with a specific choice of potential reduces to the quantum Painleve II equation and the solution of its riccati form appears as a dominant term of that potential. Further, we show that Painleve II Riccati solution is an equivalent representation of centrifugal expression of radial Schrodinger potential. This expression is used to derive the approximated to the Yukawa potential of radial Schrodinger equation which can be solved by applying the Nikiforov-Uvarov method. Finally, we express the approximated form of Yukawa potential explicitly in terms of quantum Painleve II solution.
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